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    One’s Frame of mind refers to the mood, that influences their attitude or behaviour.


    As our name suggests, we truly specialise in Communication. In this day and age, where anyone can put together flashy or pretty images and impactful sound to make a video, we wish to stand apart.


    Over the past thirty five years, we’ve stood up for telling a story. To enable our clients to express their corporate narrative in an engaging and memorable fashion - to make products and brands come alive in the minds of the audience.


    To understand how we succeed, we will need to demonstrate how we think.

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    In the early 2000s the Chairperson of the gigantic engineering conglomerate Larsen and Toubro, challenged us to tell their world wide story in just a few minutes. And of course we did, using the many faceted Rubik’s cube as the analogy to represent the great diversity and reach of the organisation. It was among the largest budget productions at Frame of mind.


    In the mid 2000s, we were trusted with an unusual challenge: to make a film for a one man audience. The worldwide head of Honeywell was breezing in for just a couple of hours to inaugurate the Honeywell Madurai campus. Our task was to tell him the story of Madurai and the technological genius this land breeds.




    Mind tree wanted a film to showcase the journey of the first few years, but didn’t want anything that looked like a corporate film. When they looked at the final film, they wanted ‘bullet points’ to conclude the film. Since the whole film was never designed a s corporate film, this was our artistic interpretation of bullet points.


     In the early years, CRY needed a fundraiser. Titan sponsored banquets nationwide and invited the creme. Before we asked for funds, we portrayed a scribe maniac saying THANKY OU! After the film was screened there wasn’t a dry eye in the room; even though the child portrayed was full of mischief. But that’s the power of a good screenplay.

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